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Helios is an Indian-based organisation that provides world-class services across the world from the skilled hands of software developers and coders who serve on an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis.
Our software and application creations take place in a transparent atelier that manufactures high-quality goods designed by our skilled IT experts and tailored to the needs of our clients.

A Deep Pool of Our Technical Know-How and Competencies

Integrity is Diversity!
Our skilled software developers and programmers are knowledgeable in a wide range of technology stacks, from frontend to backend, as well as the most cutting-edge innovations like Blockchain, AI, and machine learning. Take a look at our ever-expanding technology divisions, where our coders excel:


Android, which has been around for over 15 years, is the world's most popular and powerful operating system, supporting millions of apps on smartphones and other electronic devices.


App creation for iOS entails creating exceptional software applications for all Apple products.

Combines the best features of Native and React to deliver innovative new projects without affecting the user experience. Explores systems other than Android and iOS.

Get natively compiled online, tablet, and desktop software with expressive, responsive, and scalable user interfaces.

Ionic creates dynamically immersive cross-platform applications that are well-optimized for reusable user interface features and native application capabilities.

Since they are native and performant, Xamarin apps behave the way users want them to. Build cross-platform applications with your favourite platforms and software.


Transform a static concept into a dynamic AR Featured Framework to make the next major step in software growth.

JS And Frontend

One model that can be used to create mobile and web apps for any deployment goal. Everybody uses it, and millions of people love it.

Develop progressive and efficient software that is user-friendly, adaptable, and high-performing.

If you've learned it, you can write it anywhere. To create new mobile applications with outstanding user interfaces, make the most of the declarative and component-based architecture.

One of the most powerful technology stacks of all time, with a plethora of appealing features that make it the most selective choice for developers.

A common and influential web development technology stack that outperforms other frameworks by running the same code on both the server and browser.

Big Data and Data Analytics

A reliable mechanism for providing a highly accessible service to a cluster of computer networks thus reducing the risk of errors.

With tailored BI solutions, you can turn the company's critical data into rich visuals and insightful insights.



In a flash, create your dream website with PHP technology, which includes a robust set of completely functional features.

An all-encompassing enterprise-grade approach. Java is used to create almost everything, from applications to data centres to supercomputers to the Internet.

Dot Net is a software development platform that can be used to create web/mobile apps using a variety of granite technology.

A common PHP platform for web artisans that improves the website creation process by using built-in automated tasks that minimise code and complexity.

Python is all about automating as many routine processes as possible in order to run more efficiently, allowing the advancement of a wide range of technologies and apps.

Since NodeJS is the most common and important piece of software in the JavaScript world, make the most of it.

A capable platform based on Python is ready to create web applications as small as a wiki or as large as a commercial website.

Golang is here to meet all of the web development needs, with a more practical solution that provides a streamlined user interface and improved usability.

Make the most of GraphQL to improve your code intelligence and harness the strength of your API systems.

Blockchain, AI and ML

A global computer on which you can programme codes that govern both real and virtual value, and which runs exactly as you programme it.

On a peer-to-peer computer network connection, run the transactions safely and quickly without the use of intermediaries.

Using the strength of distributed ledger and smart contracts, host the enterprise blockchain applications on an open-source collaboration called Hyperledger.

Digital assistants with AI capabilities that can mimic a user conversion, resulting in useful and promising human-machine experiences.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI that combines a number of other technologies to allow machines to learn, forecast, and respond to new situations using data computations.

A Machine Learning framework with a scalable ecosystem of technologies that allows developers to create and execute robust machine learning-powered business applications.

E-Commerce and CMS

Boost customer exploration and shopping experiences while syncing well with your market segments (B2B/B2C) to revolutionise your eCommerce business.

Make a living off from Wordpress's intuitive design and growth aspects by easing and securing all of your online business management activities.

Drupal can be used to create, build, configure, and update websites and applications that are tailored to your industry.

Enhance the user service, increase market revenue, personalise with accuracy, and effectively handle content all under the Sitecore umbrella.

Using Umbraco's substantial and reliable network provides you with enormous app creation advantages, allowing you to create amazing interactive experiences.

Get a digital interface on a network that allows advertisers and developers to offer multi-channel consumer experiences.

SharePoint will help you transform your business processes by allowing you to share, collaborate, educate, and engage multiple users on a common, secure platform.

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What To Expect

What To Expect From Our Digital Product Development Services?

Our custom Development Solutions produce enterprise-ready software that runs faster and performs better. Our streamlined systems are recognised for their cross-platform implementation, which ensures that project deliverables are of the highest quality.

Select Your Preferred Hiring Model

Start with a Business-Friendly Model that is suitable for you.

Fixed Price

Customers who choose to complete projects with limited scope and scalability with simple, predetermined, and consistent specifications would benefit from our fixed price model.

Small-scale project onboarding begins with calculating a feasible time and budget to build an MVP that reduces project risks before construction begins. This model maintains consistent pricing by using predictive work, time, and money estimates.

  • Fixed Time Period
  • Clear & Specified Requirements
  • Negligible Money Risk
  • No Pre/Post Changes

Time and Material

The Time and Material model is designed for customers who are working on long-term, complex projects that include design, bug fixing, testing, final deployment, and support/maintenance.

The right to apply improvements and adjustments more easily within a given time period distinguishes it from the previous one. Work starts once the visioned scope, rather than the whole project, has been understood and controlled.

  • Scalable & Flexible
  • Less Clear requirements
  • Less Consistent Workflow
  • Transparency & Collaboration

Dedicated Team

Customers who want a long-term business partnership to complete high-end and complex projects from start to finish would benefit from the Committed Team model. Projects that aim to use Blockchain technology, for example, may fall into this category.

It is the most adaptable and versatile of the three solutions because it allows for unfixed business adjustments to be made in real-time in response to evolving consumer demands. We give you complete control over who you hire as employees to handle your entire project, which is managed and assisted remotely.

  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • High Money Investment
  • Wide & Deep Involvement

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